Reopening plans

Showing Times

In light of the government's announcement, we anticipate a soft reopening in August, opening just for small private hires (see details below), and then throwing open our doors again for public screenings in September.  This phased approach will provide a good opportunity for our team to bed in the new safety protocols and also give you a chance to come back to the Lexi in August within your household or social bubble. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to listen and to plan for what will be required to best achieve a safe and relaxed experience for all.  Our priority is you!  (If you're interested in some context on the challenges independent cinemas need to anticipate, this Time Out article sums it up nicely.)

Join us, if you will, during August for:

Small group hires 
Price: £325, or £275 for Key Workers - including frontline NHS and also behind-the-scenes essential workers
2 hour film, with 15 mins before and after for arrival and departure.
Up to 15 guests
​Our kiosk will be open for you to order popcorn, ice cream and snacks.
Drinks from the bar may be ordered at the kiosk, and we'll bring them either to you in the box office or to a table in the screen.
Please don't bring in your own food - bringing your own soft drinks is fine, and we can supply glasses.

Please note these additional safety protocols: 
We'll ask you to wait outside (close to the Lexi building, not on the street) until your group have all arrived and we let you in. 
The balcony, the bar and the bar toilets will be closed. Two customer loos are located at the front of the building.
This is a private screening and responsibility is with the client for maintaining safe protocols within their group - for example you may be one household, or you may be a "social bubble" if your children have been at school together - it's up to you to be informed and follow guidelines.
Hand sanitiser will be available at the box office.
The Lexi has a full air conditioning system - in other words, fresh air is pulled in and exchanged - "old air" is not recirculated around the auditorium.

*Please note - the Lexi team have been given zero leeway for flexibility on the day, for numbers of guests or use of the space so please don't ask them to bend the rules for your group!*

Email for more details. 

Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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