Ruth Bader Ginsburg - hero, icon, dissenter. "Vital. A fist-pumping, crowd pleasing doc." Indiewire

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Sat 26 Jan 15:00
Mon 28 Jan 18:30
Thu 31 Jan 18:30

This documentary about legendary Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a celebration of a life dedicated to ensuring the Law protects and promotes women as well as men. Co-directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West explain her impact as:  "She had a very radical idea; it was that the U.S. Constitution should apply equally to men and women. There were just hundreds of laws that discriminated against women: They couldn’t get credit without their husband’s permission; they could be fired if they were pregnant; men were never prosecuted for raping their wives. She set out a legal path to attack those laws and practices in the Supreme Court and by the time she got done, she changed the world for American women." 

The filmmakers are as interested in the person 'Notorious RBG' is outside of Court.  There are interviews from people ranging from Gloria Steinem to Bill Clinton and much evidence of her loving marriage, and what emerges is a life that is littered with love and laughter as well as legal iconoclasm.  This spry celebration goes a long way to explaining why RBG inspires such devotion - and why the US desperately needs her to remain in good health. 


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98 mins

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