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A specially curated season of innovative, exciting short films from young film makers.   For more information, please visit the Random Acts website here.


Invasion of the Giant Radioactive Snail from Beyond, Marnik Loysen 

Film Synopsis: Dr Frank Buckett invents the Expando-Ray, what could possibly go wrong?

Filmmaker Bio: Marnik Loysen is a 3D animator and model maker who, after making his Random Acts film in Aardman’s studios, has been hired to work on their new feature film.



Lifespan, Jessica Bishopp

Film Synopsis: Lifespan explores the concept of the future of ageing, increasing life expectancy and life extension. The film visually juxtaposes architecture and space against interviews with a diverse range of people, from scientists and evolutionary anthropologists, to the director’s family and friends.

Filmmaker Bio: Artist, filmmaker and designer Jessica Bishopp experiments with a range of media, including film, installation, sound and design. Jessica’s work has universal themes embedded in daily lives and thoughts, studying basic human interactions and habits whilst exposing the magic in the mundane. 


Night Bus, Ben Phillips

Film Synopsis: An encounter with a woman on the night bus leads a guy to fantasise about how things might turn out. Filmmaker Ben Phillips made over 1000 hand-drawn images and scanned them into his computer to animate the fantasy sections of this delightful short film that mixes animation and live action and is scored by the filmmaker himself.

Filmmaker Bio: Ben Phillips is a young filmmaker and artist living in Leeds. He has directed dramas, award winning documentaries and creates graphic screen art. He likes to tell his stories using colour and pattern, often combining animation with actuality in his productions for immersive experiences.


Quake, Isobel Adderly

Film Synopsis: An extended moment of tension, in bodies, space and sound, and its eventual and inevitable collapse.

Filmmaker Bio: Isobel's ambition is to create a hybrid practice that exists in the space between and draws equally on contemporary art film-making, contemporary dance performance and music production. Being fascinated by our preconception of the body and physical space as separate and opposing forces, she attempts to blur these preconceptions, allowing the work to inhabit a broader space than only the gallery, and for it to find a broader audience.


Really Modern Times, Violet Adams

Film Synopsis: A comical portrait on the ‘disgusting’ (but very normal) parts of being a young woman, contradicting and satirising expectations of female purity and softness.

Filmmaker Bio: Violet Adams is an award-winning writer/director, academic, experimentalist, and biscuit addict. She’s obsessed with words, so, naturally, she decided to create a silent movie. Her next project, ‘The Remarkable Adventures of Mud,’ is a collaboration with her identical twin sister, exploring female friendships in the bizarre world of LARPing.


The Ship, Natasha Price

Film Synopsis: A cautionary tale of nationalism (and the relative merits of pasties).

Filmmaker Bio: Natasha Price studied film at University and now works at Engine House, a VFX studio in Cornwall.


Super Citrus Force, Laurence Maybury

Film Synopsis: A crime-fighting duo have to stop an evil villain from objectifying women... LITERALLY! A combination of British surrealist comedy and Japanese special effects.

Filmmaker Bio: Laurence Maybury is a 24 year old filmmaker with a degree in Media Production who has been making short films since he was 16.

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