Ralph Breaks the Internet

"Every frame is bursting with life, colour, and clever jokes. It’s an unironic celebration of corporate monopoly that still feels sincere in its message." Independent

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Six years on from plucky hit Wreck-it Ralph our likeable hero (voiced by John C Reilly) is enjoying life in the video arcade with his friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman).  Nothing stays the same for long, though, and when the elderly arcade owner finally instals wifi, all of a sudden the arcade resounds with sound and fury, viral videos and vicious comments.  Vanellope finds out that the future of her game - her own future - is threatened in the general up-grade and she convinces a reluctant Ralph to journey with her into the internet to try to find a solution.  It's a phantasmagorical experience, full of vibrant novelty, and Ralph becomes alarmed that his one true friend might not want to return home.

Although this is a top Disney title the emotional maturity of it feels more like a title from sister studio, Pixar.  If Wreck-it Ralph was about the difficulties of finding friends, this is a natural progression, showing how friends need to talk about their concerns when they feel they may be growing apart.  It's a rock 'n roll ride and it works because it doesn't pander and it doesn't simplify, but the real key to it's success is that it has a big heart.


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112 mins

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