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Queer East Film Festival brings East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ cinema to London with a fortnight of screenings and events this April. The festival offers a chance to celebrate the rarely seen queer stories on screen and explore gender, sexuality and what it means to be Asian and queer today through a programme that highlights the 50-year making of queer cinema in Asia.

As part of the Brent 2020 London Borough of Culture, Queer East bring a series of five curated screenings to the Lexi Cinema from 18th to 25th April, echoing Brent’s strong Asian affiliations. The films will explore the queer relationship with identity, religion, family, adulthood and politics in films from Hong Kong, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and The Philippines.

£5 Special Tickets for Brent residents with the support from Brent 2020 Culture Fund.


Sat 18 April TRACEY 6pm

Sun 19 April THE SHEPHERDS 3pm

Preceded by short film: Lupah Sug (The Land of the Brave)
This documentary narrates the first-hand accounts of a group of LGBTQ+ people in a Muslim-majority region of the southern Philippines, as they struggle for a safe space and acceptance.

Introduction by Christopher Brown, University of Sussex

Tue 21 April BETWEEN THE SEASONS 6:25pm

Preceded by short film: Catch the Light
A teenage girl who is visually impaired finds it difficult to start a relationship, but things change when she falls in love with her friend. (With support from Lotus Visual)


Preceded by short film: The Last Letter (India)
Mohan, a 60-something married man, lives with a secret that leaves him conflicted and creates tension in his family life. Deciding to face his past, he writes letters to an unnamed recipient.

Sat 25 April GF*BF 6:30pm

Introduction by Christopher Brown, University of Sussex


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