Queen & Slim

"Anchored by the magnetism of Kaluuya and Turner-Smith, Queen & Slim crackles with urgent anger and provocative swagger. A road movie with a lot going on under the bonnet." ★★★★ Empire

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Mon 24 Feb 18:10
Tue 25 Feb 18:10
Thu 27 Feb 20:50

A rather awkward Tinder date between Slim (Daniel Kaluuya), a man inclined to say Grace before he picks up his fork, and workaholic public defender Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) turns into a riff on Thelma and Louise after an encounter with a racist white policeman.  With a dead cop lying in the road, and lawyer Queen to attest that there's no such thing as justice in the white man's court, the pair light out for Florida, with a plan to flee to Cuba.  If it isn't Thelma and Louise, it is most definitely a black Bonnie and Clyde!

Analogies apart, this debut feature from Melina Matsoukas (with a wry script from Lena Waithe) purrs along with great ambition and equal style.  Kaluuya is surely one of the most magnetic presences on screen, and newcomer Turner-Smith is equally electric.  Their road trip is part fledgling romance, as the two get to know each other, and part 'Black Lives Matter' social commentary as they travel through the Deep South.  It's a combination that sometimes jars, but the great appeal of the film lies in the two central characters who make you very badly want things to turn out all right for them, even when  that would seem impossible.

 This film is triple F-Rated.  This means that it has a fully developed female character at the centre of the film, and it also has a female director and screenwriter.


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132 mins

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