A Private War

"Rosamund Pike delivers the performance of her career as war correspondent Marie Colvin" Washington Post

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Tue 26 Feb 18:30
Wed 27 Feb 18:30
Thu 28 Feb 20:30

"Maybe I would've liked a more normal life.  Maybe I just don't know how."  Celebrated Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin is a woman who is as comfortable knocking back martinis with society's elite as she is brazenly staring down warlords and fleeing from gunfire. Driven by an enduring desire to bear witness and give voice to the voiceless, Colvin charges into danger, constantly testing the limits between bravery and bravado.

This is a true story about a complex, driven, difficult woman on a mission, in spite of the high personal toll.  Rosamund Pike embodies Colvin with a raw ferocity, and Jamie Dornan sloughs off, at last, any lingering Shades of Grey as Colvin's photojournalist friend and colleague Paul Conroy.  Perhaps most significantly, this is the first feature film from award-winning documentarist Matthew Heinman (City of Ghosts, Cartel Land) who is a film maker who has been known to get in close to danger himself in order to bear witness.  Clearly he feels great affinity to his subject.  As a documentarian, Heineman obviously shares Colvin's commitment to telling stories that too often the world would rather not see, and the result is gripping and memorable.  

Live Q&A after Sat 23 Feb 20:30 screening*:  photojournalist Paul Conroy will join us after the film.  Paul knew Marie very well, and was working with her when she was killed.  This was first advertised for Tue 26 Feb but we've had to change the date because of our guest's revised availability.

This film is F-Rated.  This means that it has a fully developed female character at the centre of the film and/or that it has a female director or screenwriter.


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110 mins

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