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"Propulsive major studio cinema made with a real-world purpose in mind, it's a risky venture that succeeds across the board." LA Times

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The venerable Washington daily newspaper, The Post, was 'in the family'; Publisher Katharine Graham (Meryl Streep) inherited the job.  She was well respected, though, and had the bonus of top Editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) on the newsroom floor, but the Post was always seen as second best to the self-regarding New York Times.  This rivalry came to a head with an increasingly desperate Nixon exploring every avenue to try to muzzle independent-minded press.  When the Post was offered the scoop of exposing a sensational government cover-up about the unwinnability of the Vietnam War, the stakes were high.  To publish risked the paper being shut down and those at the top being held criminally responsible.  Bradlee must make the case as a newsman that will convince Graham to stake paper, job and status in favour of the truth.

Sounds a bit resonant, doesn't it,  this historical case of journalism going head-to-head with the office of the President?  With this, Stephen Spielberg continues in his vein of wringing high drama out of (sometimes) dry history while also promoting liberal values (witness his Bridge of Spies, Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan, et al). It's something he does exceptionally well!  The challenge here is to make the private moral crisis as interesting as the public crisis in government, and with Streep and Hanks leading, it's a safe bet for a good night out.


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