The Party

"Conniptions amid the canapés in an observant real-time farce." ★★★★ Guardian

Showing Times

Tue 24 Oct 20:40
Wed 25 Oct 13:30
Thu 26 Oct 18:30
Thu 26 Oct 20:20

A sophisticated North London lunch party progresses inexorably from celebration to mutual annihilation.  It plays out in real time - the film runs only 71 minutes - and is done with such glee that one can almost smell the burning of the vol au vents as relationships incinerate before our eyes.  As their friends arrive, newly promoted MP Janet (Kristen Scott Thomas) is texting coy with a secret amour, and husband Bill (Timothy Spall) is losing himself in the bottom of a glass of red wine and one heck of a playlist.  The motley crew of guests is comprised of recognisable 'types' - there's a financier, an academic, a life coach and a mis-matched gay couple. One person who is expected fails to turn up. A gun is introduced.  There is shouting, slapping and tears.  Wine is spilled and, eventually, so is blood.  And there is a final act surprise which will leave you laughing at its audacity.

Writer-director Sally Potter (Orlando) pushes boundaries, and this fast and furious farce is intelligent, challenging, and oh such good fun!  Shot in starkly lit black and white, Potter's glittering cast - Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer, Bruno Ganz and Cherry Jones - clearly relish the snap and crackle of roles and script, while Scott Thomas once more shows her incomparable mettle.  Enjoy!

Our 1:30 screening on Wed 25 Oct is our Screen Gems screening, and we are showing the Hard of Hearing version.  That means subtitles +, where all the details on the soundtrack are described, like *he chuckles*.  This is a boon to many, but may be distracting to others.


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71 mins

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