Pain and Glory

"As ever, Almodóvar has made a film about pleasure, which is itself a pleasure: witty, intelligent and sensuous." ★★★★ Guardian

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Pedro Almodóvar takes us on a sun-soaked, sensuous sentimental journey with a faded, jaded gay Spanish film maker (sounding famliar yet?) who struggles with mortality, chronic pain and a creative block.

Antonio Banderas delivers an irresistible (and award-winning) performance as tempermental auteur Salvador Mallo. A chance encounter prompts Salvador to look up an estranged actor from his past.  It's a prickly reconciliation with consequences, leaving Salvador with an unmanagelable taste for heroin.  'Chasing the dragon' provides blissful relief from his physical pain while inviting him to dwell in a seductive past populated by his beloved mother (played by Penelope Cruz) and his first, and greatest, love. 

This is an elegiac, poetic film from a master - funny, too - and it's all saturated in glorious sun-lit primary colours. As with all the best of Almodóvar's films there's the death of a mother, but Pain and Glory feels a lot more autobiographical than any of his previous films.  The episodic elements of the story nest together as seamlessly as Chinese boxes, with a mesmerising flow between past and present.  We loved it!


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113 mins

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