Outside The City + Q&A

The hallowed traditions of monastic life must adapt to the commercial imperatives of brewing in this beautiful, insightful documentary.

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Thu 06 Feb 18:30
Sun 09 Feb 14:00

The monks of Leicestershire's Mount St Bernard Abbey are an aging community of 25 men who have turned their backs on consumer society to focus on spirituality.  Although mindfulness of God and fraternal communion are the rules of the order, they must still evolve in order to preserve their ages-old way of life.  Currently the order is changing from dairy farming to brewing as they aim to produce the first UK-brewed Trappist beer.  The stakes are high; if their historic counter-cultural lifestyle is to survive, this very contemporary venture must succeed. 

Director Nick Hamer spent a year with the monks, gaining privileged access to produce this beautifully filmed account of their cloistered lives.

This is the London premiere for the film. On Thu 6 Feb Nick joins us for a live Q&A, chaired by Jon Morgan who is Coordinator of the Centre for Theology, Imagination and Culture at Sarum College.  Jon teaches about and researches the relationship between religion and popular media.


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82 mins

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