Our Kickstarter Campaign

From 16 February to 14 March

Showing Times

Our Kickstarter campaign successfully ended on 14 March. One readograph secured by 232 backers, with £9853 raised. Thank you to everyone who has shared, loved and pledged. You help us light up the Kensal Hills and we love you!

*** We’re gonna need a bigger boat! ***

We are touched. We are humbled. We are very excited!  We now have 90% of our original target funded, and have the opportunity to raise our sights, to infinity...and beyond! If we raise £9500 we can afford a bigger, better and more beautiful readograph, and we will be the happiest little cinema in the world.

A huge thank you from all of us at the Lexi to everyone who has already backed the campaign - we love you!


Nothing says glamour like the bright lights of an old-fashioned cinema marquee. You know the style: black lettering on a white light box, the cultural Star of Bethlehem that instantly says ‘here be glorious movies’. It’s a classic, fun way to share what’s going on inside, and an opportunity to interact with the community outside. And – wouldn’t you know it – our dinky façade has just the right place for such a sign...

We have a crazy, beautiful plan to raise £6830 [the revised target is above] so we can take our place in the league of cinemas with readographs. This illustration here is just a tad more elaborate than we have in mind, but it gives you a flavour for what is inspiring us!  

If we had some ruby slippers, we’d close our eyes, click our heels three times and wish. Instead, we invite you to be our partners in this new adventure.  Visit our Kickstarter campaign page - www.giveusasign.co.uk - to find out why we think we need this, why we are crowd-funding for it, and just how we propose to reward support.  


Our Charity

We donate 100% of our profits to The Sustainability Institute,
a pioneering South African charity dedicated to changing lives.

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