The Other Side of Hope

"As a writer, Kaurismäki has a precious knack for jokes that work beautifully in any language. You could never have heard of Aki Kaurismäki and come away from this film knowing exactly what the fuss has always been about." ★★★★★ Telegraph

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Fri 02 Jun 20:30
Sat 03 Jun 18:20
Sat 03 Jun 20:30
Sun 04 Jun 17:30
Mon 05 Jun 15:00

Blending the pressingly political with the cosily familiar, this is a story of two men who leave home and become unlikely friends.  Khaled is a young Syrian refugee who rather accidentally ends up claiming asylum in Finland while he looks to be reunited with his sister.  In parallel we see middle-aged Wiltord Wikstrom leave his soulless life - alcoholic wife and job as a travelling salesman - to become a restauranter.  Sort of!  It's a failing station cafe complete with a trio of misfit employees, and before long Khaled has been given a job there, and a chance at a new life.  Along the way we see what it's like to be an outsider - how we can all be refugees, to some degree - and the power of kindness.  It's all done in typical Kaurismaki dead-pan absurdist style, caught somewhere between art-directed social realism and a humane fable.  And it's wickedly funny!

"Kaurismäki's films, which include the knockabout Leningrad Cowboys Go America and the poignant Cannes Grand Prix-winner The Man Without a Past, are mostly set in the Finland that time forgot, where there is scant evidence that things have progressed beyond the 1950s. Vodka, rockabilly, Brylcreem and smokes are the order of the day; they are the only things that lighten life’s load. Along with kindness and companionship, which sprout unexpectedly in the gloom like spring daffodils in February."  (Guardian)

We are very glad to be screening this during Refugee Week, particularly as it's one of the best films this year.  


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