NT Live: Macbeth (2018)

Shakespeare’s most intense and terrifying tragedy, live from the National Theatre

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Anne-Marie Duff and Rory Kinnear lead Shakespeare's murderous tragedy. Directed by Rufus Norris (London Road, The Threepenny Opera), Kinnear plays the tortured monarch who falls under the scheming machinations of his cruel wife and murders his way to the crown.  But what price his sanity?  Kinnear is joined by Anne-Marie Duff as his Lady.

Visceral, with a supernatural element, The Scottish Play explores the all-consuming effect of power. Gaining power through unbridled bloody ambition, Macbeth becomes ever more tyrannical and his wife descends into madness.   As their thirst for glory grows, a bloody Civil War erupts, costing a whole lot more than their sanity.


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210 mins

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