Nae Pasaran

"Explores this modest act of rebellion in an admirably low-key way that emphasises the fundamental decency of the men who took a stand." ★★★★ The Scotsman

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Mon 17 Dec 18:30

Throughout his childhood Felipe Sierra was told colourful stories about how a handful of Rolls Royce engineers helped bring down dictator General Pinochet, so 40 years after events he set out to investigate.  What he found was a quartette of modest, eloquent, funny chaps who had risked their jobs at RR in protest at the bombing of innocent civilians.  Coverage of the atrocities was all over the news of the day, and when one of the engines from a Chilean Air Force jet was returned to RR in East Kilbride for maintenance, engine inspector Bob Fulton hatched a plan of resistance with his colleagues.  

Sierra didn't know what he'd find at the outset of his investigations.  What he ended up with is a story that is even bigger than the myths he'd been raised with.  Lexi-local Janis Kelly got in touch with us to recommended the film with the comments: "So moving, informative and supporting of human solidarity.  I highly recommend it, and the music is also incredible."  (Since Janis was recently seen on the Lexi screen in the Met Opera production of Marnie, we will be particularly looking out for the music!)

Unite representative Adrian Weir will provide an introduction before the screening.  Adrian is Assistant Chief of Staff at Unite the union (the union of the main characters in the film). He represents Unite on the Executive of Cuba Solidarity Campaign, was a presidential election monitor in Venezuela in 2013 and was in Ecuador in 2017 to mark the transition as President Correa left office.


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96 mins

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