Mulholland Drive

"The virtuoso director has never topped this erotic, eerie commentary on Hollywood. It is an explosively sexy love story, rocket-fuelled with vanity and cruelty." ★★★★★ Guardian

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Fri 26 May 23:30

With the start of the new Twin Peaks series on 22 May, we're experience Lynch-mania at the Lexi.  Conveniently just restored and re-released - to great plaudits - Mulholland Drive stands as David Lynch at his short-form brilliant best.  We have it as our 'Lexi's Midnight Runners' choice for May, classic cult cinema aimed at the night owls, party people, insomniacs and cultivati of the Kensals and beyond.  All this for only £7 (£5 if you're a member).

It's been 16 years since Mulholland Drive first glamoured an audience with its elegant, perverse riff on identity and illusion.  Naomi Watts is the young Hollywood wannabe; Laura Harring the mysterious, tragic woman who has lost her memory and identity and who comes to rely on Watts.  And, being Lynch, nothing proceeds in a straight-forward fashion!  For those who were bemused, confused and perplexed on first viewing of this all that while ago, Peter Bradshaw writes in the Guardian, "Seeing it now for the umpteenth time – and I couldn’t get to grips on first viewing – I think I understand how its Hollywood fantasy is an escape from pain, a symptom of pain, but also a prophecy of just the kind of misery the heroine is fleeing. It would be great to see this in a double-bill with La La Land. But in what order should they be shown?"  (Anyone up for a midnight double feature?)


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143 mins

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