"A sublime rush of adrenaline and orchestral beauty." ★★★★ Guardian

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What is the connection between Willem Dafoe, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the siren call of the summit?  View this vertiginous doc, which has proved a bit of a sleeper hit his since it got buried pre-Christmas by the likes of The Last Jedi.  The film is a homage to the majesty of the peaks - featuring breath-taking cinematography which prompts, "Now, how the heck did they get that shot...?" - and also testimony to the bravery and pig-headedness of those who will pit themselves against their challenges.  

Says the Guardian:  "The film traces the early days of mountaineering, a new passion marked by humanity’s quest for the sublime, succeeded by the new craze for extreme high-altitude sports, in which the note of humility has been lost, replaced by a new machismo and a dash of near-deathwish egotism. As the narrator shrewdly says, they are “half in love with themselves and half in love with oblivion”. The pictures are remarkable. It’s something to seek out on the big screen." 

It almost feels as if we should be providing pitons with each large glass of Malbec bought...


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74 mins

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