Met Opera: Exterminating Angel

The Metropolitan Opera, celebrating 50 years at the top

Showing Times

Sun 19 Nov 14:00

Composer:  Thomas Adès 

Conductor:  Thomas Adès  

Cast:  Audrey Luna, Amanda Echalaz, Sally Matthews, Sophie Bevan, Alice Coote, Christine Rice, Iestyn Davies

Much anticipated since its storming debut at the 2016 Salzburg Festival, the Met present the American premiere of Thomas Ades' dizzying new work. Adapted from the surreal Luis Bunel film of the same name, The Exterminating Angel concerns a fantastical dinner party in a mansion from which the guests cannot escape. Ades' conducts his kaleidoscopic score as chaos descends on the ensemble cast as their strange incarceration leads to madness.

When 12 bourgeois guests arrive at a dinner party following a performance of Lucia Di Lammermoor, they can hardly expect that some dark magic is at work, not even noting that one by one the servants are abandoning them. When it becomes clear this engagement is going to last a lot longer than one evening, civility begins to decline, leading to tragic, often explosive results.  Macabre, twisting yet transfixing, this eerie tale is sure to be a highlight of the season.

This is an 'Encore' screening, a recording of the live performance from the evening before, with all the unmissable added content intact.


Film Information

150 mins

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