"Like McQueen’s designs, it is thrilling, troubling and tinged with tragedy." Screen Intl ★★★★ Empire

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Tue 19 Jun 20:45
Wed 20 Jun 15:00
Thu 21 Jun 18:30
Thu 21 Jun 20:45
Fri 22 Jun 20:45

Hands up those of you (us!) who thrilled at the Alexander McQueen "Savage Beauty" exhibition at the V&A in 2015.  It was a record breaker for the museum. Now there is a stunning documentary, another chance to enjoy McQueen's spectacular artistry as well as getting inside the head of the the working class boy from Lewisham who saw beyond mere clothing to reimagine fashion's conceptual and imaginative possibilities.

They're keeping this doc off the catwalk until the last moment, but this excerpt from a review in Variety says it all:  "...executed with such panache and emotional integrity that it finds a roundabout way toward grace — not unlike their subject’s own stunning catwalk creations, which challenged wearers and observers alike with broken rules of form and function. Itself crafted with great artistry and ingenuity, McQueen works both as a spectacular visual album of his work and an achingly moving account of the incomplete life behind it. That’s a rare balance to strike."



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110 mins

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