Marjorie Prime

"A captivating contemplation of time, memory and mortality." Screen Daily

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Mon 20 Nov 18:30
Wed 22 Nov 21:00

In the not-too-distant future, a service creating holograms of dear departeds allows widowed Marjorie Prime (Lois Smith) to spend time with a younger version of her late husband, Walter (Jon Hamm).  The hologram looks like Walter, but only by absorbing the memories and experiences of Walter's life can he become more than a facsimile.  As Marjorie's family learns to cope with this increasingly familiar interloper, they are forced to confront the past, and also the future.  And as Walter becomes more vivid with accruing memories, it seems Marjorie's memories are more unreliable.

Like so many of our favourite movies, Marjorie Prime doesn't fit neatly into a genre, although there are several distinguished films around which explore what it means to be human, specifically measured against the potential of AI. This comes from a Pulitzer-nominated play which Smith starred in, and the uniformly excellent also cast includes Gina Davis and Tim Robbins.  The film has captivated jaded festival audiences, winning a major award this year at Sundance, and The Guardian says:  "It’s a haunting little film that ends with a somewhat overwhelming poignancy. It’s about the impression we leave on others, the details we remember, the stories we re-craft, the lies we tell ourselves and the love we’re lucky to experience. I’ll find it hard to forget."  


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97 mins

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