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Words of Love: "A thoughtful musing on the passing of time, of lovers past and gone, of a bygone era of hopes and dreams and lives lived to excess." LWL

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Leonard Cohen died in 2016, just four months after the death of his long-time muse and lover, Marianne Ihlen. Their 8 year love affair and lifelong friendship inspired some of his most memorable songs:  "So Long, Marianne," "Bird on a Wire" and "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye."  With the benefit of never-before-seen film footage and some very choice interviews, award-winning documentarist Nick Broomfield - who was himself in love with Marianne at one point - tells the story of a chaotic love thriving in unique times. The film bears witness to an abiding bond, creativity, and of a singular time and place; what remains is a sense of the creative power of Love.  

From Leonard's letter to Marianne when he heard she was terminally ill:

Dearest Marianne,

I’m just a little behind you, close enough to take your hand. This old body has given up, just as yours has too, and the eviction notice is on its way any day now.

I’ve never forgotten your love and your beauty. But you know that. I don’t have to say any more. Safe travels old friend. See you down the road. Love and gratitude, Leonard


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102 mins

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