Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

"Feta fever dream sequel is weirdly irresistible" Guardian

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Mon 20 Aug 20:40

Just when you think all the best material was used in the original Mama Mia, they confound expectations and come back with a lustrous sequel.  Or is it a prequel...? 

The story picks up with daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) hustling to relaunch the family hotel. She's also struggling to keep her relationship with Sky (Dominic Cooper) together, until a revelation by him uncannily (well maybe not uncanny; this is the movies!) evokes the challenges her mother went through while pregnant with her.  Cue the excuse for a ream of rich flashbacks of when Donna was pregnant all those years ago, with Lily James playing a young Donna and Meryl Streep returning briefly in cameo. Proxy motherly support in Sophie's hour of emotional crisis is amply provided by her mother's life-long best friends, played by Julie Walters and Christine Baranski.  And of course, the trio of possible fathers show up again, both in flashback and technicolor present.

If this all sounds a bit thin on the plot/credibility scale, well, it doesn't matter, just as it didn't in the original!  There's a surreal larkiness to the Richard Curtis script, some hugely enjoyable performances, and underpinning it all is the deceptively sophisticated uber pop of Abba. We were smitten early on, by the ageless Cher's tongue-in-cheek rendition of Fernando.  Everything after that was pure icing on the cake!


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114 mins

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