Logan Lucky

"Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky is a high-spirited, low-down blast." Variety

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Steven Soderbergh knows how to deliver a good time - witness Ocean 11. And 12 and 13!  Revisiting the 'caper' genre, this is a fizzy Southern heist movie with real soul, a perfect end-of-summer delight.  Channing Tatum and Adam Driver are the misbegotten Logan brothers, down on their luck and convinced they're plagued by a curse. Since this is hillbilly, redneck country they're probably not so much cursed as left behind, but they decide to challenge Lady Luck and rob the local stock car track. It's a clever, serpentine plan - rather like a game of Mousetrap - and we watch the robbery unfold without having any idea where it’s going, giving it a jerry-rigged quality that’s at once hilarious, suspenseful, and plausible (well, sort of). With Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Behind the Candelabra, etc), you're in good hands, and with this cast, you're in terrific company!

"Soderbergh executes his cine-comeback with élan, aided by winning A-team work from Tatum, Driver and Craig."  Total Film

"Channing Tatum, working with Soderbergh for the fourth time, is at his sympathetic and charismatic best in Logan Lucky."  Guardian


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119 mins

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