The Lighthouse

"Just like the lighthouse beam, this is dazzling and dangerous." ★★★★★ Guardian "It’s a witch’s brew of confusion, hallucinatory paranoia, ennui-induced hysteria, and strange sexual fantasies. And it’s funny, too!" GQ

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Tue 18 Feb 18:20
Wed 19 Feb 18:20
Thu 20 Feb 21:00

As one critic put it, this is a bonkers pot-boiler about two men incarcerated in a giant phallus.  We're not sure we can add much to that, but we'll try!

Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) thinks a 4 week stint as junior lighthouse keeper off the Newfoundland coast will provide him with a bit of respite and some small savings at the end. Instead, Master 'wickie' Tom Wake (Willem Dafoe) bullies Ephraim and saves the glory of tending the light to himself.  Dinner is the only time the two cross paths as one works days and the other nights, and these encounters become titanic drink-fuelled contests as isolation, the hostile evironment and their fading grips on reality take over.

Writer/director Robert Eggers first impressed with The Witch (2016), and this is a similarly inspired medley of myth, suspicion and human frailty.  From the start, the look of the film - black and white, shot in square format - disorients, having more in common with Murnau's expressionist Nosferatu than anything contemporary.  The excellent script veers from monosyllabic to waxingly lyrical, and is enriched by references to the Sirens, Prometheus and Poseidon. Biggest of all are the performances, though, as Pattinson ad Dafoe battle it out magnificently for the crown of King of Grand Guignol.  This is one extraordinary brew!


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109 mins

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