LFS: A Taste of Honey

Introduced by Helen de Witt, Programmer, BFI London Film Festival; Lecturer (NFTS, Birkbeck)

Showing Times

Mon 30 Mar 18:30

Shelagh Delaney’s play had already been on in the West End and Broadway when Tony Richardson made this film adaptation in 1961, shot on location in Salford and Blackpool.

Rita Tushingham made her indelible screen debut as Jo, a young girl who falls for a sailor, and ends up alone and pregnant. Leaving home and her alcoholic mother, Jo befriends Geoff, a kind-hearted gay man, and they move in together like two children playing house, for a while finding an innocent but fragile happiness.

A Taste of Honey is a joyous celebration of outsiderdom, long before it was fashionable. Richardson, always skilled with actors, draws exemplary performances from his cast, and the film remains an outstanding example of the British New Wave. 

"Pushed the culture-shock of kitchen sink drama further with its female protagonist and depictions and discussions of interracial coupling, teen pregnancy, the possibility of abortion, and homosexuality."  Groucho Reviews


Film Information

100 mins

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