LFS: Losing Ground

Speaker: Tega Okiti, programmer and writer (BFI: Film Africa, Sight & Sound, LUX)

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Mon 16 Mar 18:30

A beautiful, intimate portrait of a romance at the crossroads one New York summer, this story of black lives has a sensitivity rarely seen on screen. Sarah (Seret Scott) is a philosophy professor spending her summer researching ecstatic experience while her husband Victor (Bill Gunn, director of Ganja and Hess), an abstract painter, finds himself on the verge of a career breakthrough. He suggests they break out of the city, taking a summer house in upstate New York.

For the couple, it’s a moment when lives not lived open up to them: Victor is seduced by the light of the countryside, as well as by Celia, a Puerto Rican woman who becomes his muse. Meanwhile Sarah seeks her own creative outlet.  Quietly hilarious, the film follows its characters as they battle for ideals – artistic, political, racial – while unable to fully escape the everyday. Inspired by Eric Rohmer, it’s an exhilarating and light-on-its-feet study of the way that art and life are in continuous dialogue and conflict.

"This low-budget 1982 drama was one of the first features directed by an African-American woman, but it's much more than a historical footnote."  Chicago Reader


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126 mins

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