LFS: Citizen Kane

Journalist/Curator Danny Leigh chooses his favourite movie

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Mon 30 Apr 18:30

Welcome to your neighbourhood film school, a new series of hosted screenings exploring film history and introducing current debates in cinema culture.  Fill in the gaps in your film knowledge and join the conversation.  London has one of the most exciting and diverse cinema scenes in the world, and we welcome the writers, critics, curators and cultural commentators of the capital to NW10.  Everyone welcome!

Orson Welles's masterpiece changed cinema forever. As emotionally piercing as it is technically groundbreaking, the film tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, a newspaper magnate whose youthful ideals are corrupted by age and privilege. If you’ve never seen the film on the big screen (or never seen it at all), grab this chance to revel in its glittering deep-focus photography, larger-than-life performances and aching sense of human tragedy.

We’re proud to welcome Danny Leigh - BBC film critic and Senior Film and TV Curator at the BFI - to present a personal introduction to one of his favourite movies.

We dedicate this screening to our friend and colleague, Richard Dunne, whose favourite film this was.  His unstinting support, exhaustive film knowledge and good company are much missed. 

Film School takes place on Monday evenings, at 6:30.  Tickets are £8 (£6 to Lexi members).  There is a reduced price of £35 if you book all 7 LFS titles at the same time; that's a saving of £21! 

Each LFS film will be introduced, live, by the host, and on the Friday before each screening we’ll email you additional information from the host:  short film notes, links to further reading, and a few suggested 'if you like this, then...' titles.  You will also receive your code for a free 30 days' subscription to streaming platform, MUBI, providing access to cult, classic and independent films from around the world. 
The season:

CITIZEN KANE | Orson Welles, 1941.  Mon 30 April

Host:  Danny Leigh, BFI Senior Film and TV curator, broadcaster and journalist


IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE | Wong Kar Wai, 2000.  Mon 7 May

Host:  Sonali Joshi, producer and curator, Day for Night and Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival


BLACK GIRL | Ousmane Sembene, 1966.  Mon 21 May

Host:  Manish Agarwal,  BFI London Film Festival and Overnight Film Festival


CHOCOLAT | Claire Denis, 1988.  Mon 4 June 

Host:  Sophie Monks Kaufman, Contributing Editor, Little White Lies


RATCATCHER | Lynne Ramsay, 1999.  Mon 11 June

Host: Tom Huddleston, author and critic for Time Out, Little White Lies, Sight & Sound


MIKEY AND NICKY | Elaine May, 1976.  Mon 18 June

Host:  Peter Bradshaw, Chief Film Critic, The Guardian


ALL THIS PANIC | Jenny Gage, 2017.  Mon 25 June

Host:  Simran Hans, Film Critic, The Observer


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