Last Black Man in San Francisco

"Jimmie’s story is a slow ballad, a tragic ode, a dirty limerick, a wistful lament and a heartbreaking elegy. It’s a tribute to the notion of home that we all carry. This is one of the year’s best films." ★★★★★

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“Weird as it sounds, this movie is a love story about me and a house,” writes Jimmie Fails, co-star and inspiration for the story. With all else in flux in his life, Jimmie's lodestar is an elaborate house, his childhood home in the now-gentrified area of Fillimore. Lodging with his friend, aspiring playwrite Mont, Jimmie spends his spare time doing guerilla repairs to the house - much to the chagrin of the present owners who regularly find Jimmie touching up rickrack trim, clearing gutters or tending the garden!  When Fate intervenes and leaves the house empty, Jimmie persuades Mont that they should move in and reclaim what is Jimmie's.  

Writer/director Joe Talbot and Jimmie Fails are friends from childhood and the film grows out of the story of their lives, their friendship, and their relationship to the ever-changing city that is San Francisco.  Recognising something special, Brad Pitt signed up as producer early on, and Talbot assembled an excellent cast which includes the divine Danny Glover as Mont's dad. The narrative never goes quite where you expect it to, gaining texture and richness with each sequence, and it assumes almost mythic overtones as it tilts at gentrification, home ownership, toxic masculinity and how black men are supposed to navigate friendship.  It won the Director's Award at Sundance - a singular feat for a first time director - and has been gaining speed ever since.  Enjoy!


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121 mins

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