Journey's End

"This new version of RC Sherriff’s classic play about the futility and slaughter of the first world war is powerful, passionate and superbly acted." ★★★★ Guardian

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British Army C Company have had 4 horrific years at the French front, crediting their survival to "the best commander of the lot," Captain Stanhope (Sam Claflin).  It is only a matter of time, though. Sharing the claustrophobic dugout are shell-shocked Hibbert (Tom Sturridge), wry company cook Mason (Toby Jones) and phlegmatic Trotter (Stephen Graham), while compassionate ex-schoolmaster Lt Osborne gently reminds the men of their continued humanity through his own example.   The arrival of new recruit Raleigh (Asa Butterfield) brings a momentary whiff of all that is forfeit - family, future - and when the officers are told that C Company is to be sent on a suicide mission to enemy lines, there appears to be relief mingled with their fatalism.

Author Sherriff spent 3 years at the front, and his fictionalised record remains powerful and universal.  All credit to director Saul Dibb that this speaks to an audience dulled by Call of Duty and YouTube, and while it's more gritty than previous versions, the original language remains dignified, elegant and eloquent.  Compared to the breadth and spectacle of Dunkirk, this delivers all the psychology and backstory (in spades) that that film didn't address.  With a perfect cast and quietly intelligent performances, this reminds us that no war casualty is a mere statistic.  Come. Bring tissues, but do come.


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108 mins

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