Isle of Dogs

"It feels, more than anything, like a cinematic love letter – to Japan, to dogs, and to finding your pack, wherever they might be." Little White Lies

Showing Times

Wed 25 Apr 13:30
Thu 26 Apr 21:00

Thank heavens for Wes Anderson!  (Where to start? Perhaps with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, or Fantastic Mr Fox.) Isle of Dogs is set in a near-future Japan, where all the dogs are infected with a canine flu and have been banished to Trash Island  They fight to stay alive, with formerly pampered pooches reduced to ravening the rubbish heaps although there are signs of an evolving social order.  All is not lost, though; 12 year old Atari can't live without his beloved companion, Spot, and he initiates a daring raid to the island to foment a rebellion.  In typical Wes Anderson fashion, though, there are a lot of, ahem, shaggy dog stories along the way, and the ensemble voice talent brings together some of Anderson's best-beloved of collaborators like Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, F Murray Abraham and Edward Norton.  

"Watching a new Wes Anderson film for the first time is a little like being gifted a set of Russian nesting dolls – while you undoubtedly marvel at the craftsmanship that’s gone into the surface appearance, beneath the intricate veneer there’s even more to unpack and discover. Every one of Anderson’s previous works invites repeat viewing, contributing in part to his success as a filmmaker and cult following. He creates films that every viewer watches in their own way, and enjoys watching again and again."  (Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies)

It's not clear who the target audience is for this.  Like Fantastic Mr Fox, it will delight all ages.  We say, it's terrieriffic!

Wednesday April 25th at 1:30pm will be our Screen Gems Hard of Hearing screening. That's good film in good company, with the chance for some guided discussion afterward - and all for the price of only £5. We will be screening the Hard of Hearing version; that means fully audio-described, which includes information like *plane passes overhead*. Many people appreciate this, but it can be a distraction if you don't need it.


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101 mins

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