The Islands and the Whales

"Gorgeous and complexly woven"

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Fri 30 Mar 18:30

This documentary has been making waves!  Director Mike Day won the Emerging International Filmmaker award following its world premiere at the Hot Docs Festival, where its combination of cultural and environmental ambitions attracted much attention.  

Mike spent time with the people of the Faroe Islands - "48,000 descendants of the Vikings" - over several years, recording and celebrating their colourful cultural traditions.  In spite of world sensitivity, the islanders continue their ritual hunt of pilot whales.  They are not endangered, and the hunt brings together the community in common cause and celebration.  Recently, though, a doctor on the island has been monitoring the increasing, dangerous levels of mercury in the meat.  Unwittingly and unwelcomely, the Faroese people find themselves a belleweather of current environmental concerns.  It's a dilemma that Day records with empathy but no judgement, scrupulously presenting scenes of great natural wonder, exotic traditions, animal rights protests and, ultimately, the dilemma of the islanders who are now having to consider the consequences of continuing to embrace their millennial traditions.  

Mike Day will be with us for a live Q&A afterwards to discuss the issues.  We'll welcome him back:  Mike was an original Lexi-collaborator, having made our early short films about the SI that we showed before our features.  (Some people claimed to remember the shorts more than the features that followed!)


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81 mins

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