The Irishman

"Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' is a coldly enthralling, long-form knockout — a majestic mob epic with ice in its veins." Variety

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Fri 22 Nov 19:00
Sat 23 Nov 13:00
Sun 24 Nov 19:00
Mon 25 Nov 13:00
Tue 26 Nov 19:00

Catch the event film of the year, on the big screen!  No, we're not puffing inter-galactic Disney-sponsored fun this time; we're talking a career-capping tour de force from Martin Scorsese, in which the total age of the protagonists is...well, rather higher than we can count off-hand.  

Recollect Goodfellas - rivetting, menacing black comedy - and then fast forward a couple of decades.  All is now autumnal, shot in half light, as lone survivor of that era, The Irishman (Robert De Niro as real life Frank Sheeran), tells the story of the rise and fall of Mafia influence.  From being first groomed by the Army as an assassin to his induction into Union power as a haulier, and through to his eventual role of  'house painter' (hit man) to the Mob, a cool, focused performance from De Niro anchors this epic (3.5 hours) story.  Along the way we meet his sponsor, steely Philadelphia capo Russell Buffalina (Joe Pesci) and volatile Teamster Union boss Jimmy Hoffa (a barn-storming Al Pacino) who, between them, have the clout to elect and assassinate Presidents.  Hoffa takes a shine to The Irishman - they bond over not being Italian - and the two forge a delicate friendship, which makes it all the more shocking when Buffalina eventually tasks Frank with killing Hoffa after the Teamster's fall from grace.

We'll let others say it for us:

"Prepare for fireworks. With this unmissable crime epic, you'll be watching Scorsese at the peak of his powers directing acting giants De Niro, Pacino and Pesci and creating the movie event of the year."  ★★★★★ Rolling Stone

"Martin Scorsese returns with his best picture since GoodFellas and one of his best films ever."  ★★★★★ Guardian

"Cinema great Martin Scorsese makes his return to the big screen with quite possibly the greatest ensemble cast of all time."  NME

"Great fellas!"  Wall Street Journal

Thu 28 Nov at 14:00 is our next Cinemates screening.  This is an open invitation to all who care about good film to join us and stay after for some discussion.  Tickets £5.


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