Inna De Yard

"An appealing blend of accessibly toe-tapping music and likeable characters." Wendy Ide, Screen International

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Thu 19 Sep 20:50

Looking out over the lush green mountains of Kingston, Peter Webber’s (The Girl With the Pearl Earring) vibrant documentary captures a remarkable group of reggae legends (including Ken Boothe, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I, Cedric Myton and Judy Mowatt) who gather to record an album of hits in an unplugged style that harks back to their roots. The film is studded with intimate acoustic versions of popular anthems (such as Ken Boothe's 'Everything I Own'), remarkable personal histories and powerful live performances.

Reminiscent of a 'Buena Vista Social Club' for reggae, this landmark film recounts the history of reggae music and its continuing relevance, conjuring an unforgettable portrait of pioneering musicians.  Along the way there is a sprinkling of Jamaican history, poverty, simmering violence, and the loss which has marked the lives of these individuals, but this is first and foremost a sunny uplands celebration of a time, a place and an irresistible rhythm!

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99 mins

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