Incredibles 2

"There's a serious movie lurking at the heart of all this hi-tech adventure that takes timely swipes at gender inequality, family stress and the modern triumph of salesmanship over substance." ★★★★ Mark Kermode

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Fri 19 Oct 15:00
Sat 20 Oct 11:50
Sun 21 Oct 11:00
Mon 22 Oct 15:00
Tue 23 Oct 12:00

Our junior reviewer, Ennis Barnett, says:

"After fourteen long years the Incredibles are back. All is not well in the world of our favourite superhero family: supers are not allowed to exercise their power, there are new challenges in parenthood, and a new dangerous villain has emerged. Yet Helen (Mrs Incredible) seizes an opportunity to bring superheroes back into the limelight. At the same time we follow Bob (Mr Incredible) attempting to deal with the hardest job of all: parenthood.

"This new instalment is just as incredible as the last one with important themes such as: family, unity and the struggles of everyday life (quite ironic in a superhero movie). Brad Bird’s sequel has a highly entertaining plot with moments of relatable humour."

Ennis is a 16 year old Queen’s Park Community School student who is an avid film devotee and loves everything to do with the cinema, whether making films, watching them or writing about them.



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125 mins

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