An Inconvenient Sequel + Q&A

"In a summer movie landscape with Spider-Man, a simian army waging further battle for the planet and Charlize Theron as a sexy Cold War-era superspy, it says something that one of the most compelling characters is Al Gore." NY Times

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A decade on, Al Gore is still globe-trotting and lobbying, training up Climate Ambassdors with his PowerPoint presentation, taking it on the chin in encounters with climate-sceptics - and speaking truth to power.  Where the first film reprised the comprehensive Ambassadors' presentation, this starts by revisiting some of the early climate indicators like Greenland's shrinking glacial cover and the African savannah.  In his avuncular way, Gore let's us know that the news is not good, citing an increase in extreme weather as further confirmation of warming.

But where An Inconvenient Truth was intended as a wake-up call, the Sequel is a call to action, as it points to green shoots of awareness around the world  In a fascinating example of high-level negotiation, Gore brings together coal-rich India and a leading-edge solar energy company, thus getting India to change its position and sign up to the Climate Accord.  Trump apart, there is much to be encouraged by in this up-date, as well as much to be guided by.  It's essential viewing!

And as a bonus we will be showing a recorded Q&A with Gore following each of these 2 screenings.   


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