I, Tonya

"It has a tone of poker-faced goofball Americana that suggests a biopic made by the Coen brothers." Variety

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Mon 19 Mar 11:00
Mon 19 Mar 15:00
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Thu 22 Mar 15:00

No sooner has the surface of the Olympic ice rink refrozen than we have this mock-doc drama about one of figure skating's most notorious incidents, the whacking of American champion Nancy Kerrigan ahead of the Winter Olympics in 1994.  You may recall: Kerrigan got knee-capped, and her trailer-trash ice dancing rival, Tonya Harding, got the blame, the hatred, and the life-long ban from performing triple axels in competition.  America - the whole homogeneous figure skating world, in fact - reviled this athletic pretender who didn't fit the princess mould.  

At last, Margot Robbie's canny treatment - as Tonya, and as the film's producer - redresses the balance (and has earned her an Oscar nomination).  We see Tonya as the product of a seriously messed-up background, starting with toxic parenting from mom LaVona (Allison Janney, also Oscar-nom'd) through to her abusive marriage to slap-happy Jeff (Sebastian Stan). As Tonya's brash skill propels her up the competitive ladder, we feel the injustice as she is disproportionately penalised on her 'presentation' by the middle-class, middle-brow judges.  Truly, with Robbie's deeply sympathetic performance, it's impossible not to root for this angry underdog, and end up asking who was ultimately the greatest victim of the attack on Kerrigan.  It's a gas of a ride, with timely bite.

Our Sun 18th screening at 5:00 is our Greene Sunday screening.  That's great film for the great price of £2.50, courtesy of local estate agents Greene & Co. We have now sold out of tickets via Lexi channels but there are some still available from the Kensal Rise and Willesden Green branches of Greene & Co.  



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