I Am Not Your Negro

"James Baldwin's words weave film of immense power." ★★★★★ Guardian

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Sat 29 Apr 16:00
Sat 29 Apr 18:20
Sun 30 Apr 17:15
Mon 01 May 16:20
Tue 02 May 18:20

In 1979 James Baldwin proposed a project to his agent, a revolutionary account of the lives and assassinations of three of his close friends, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.  At the time of his death in 1987 he had only completed thirty pages of the manuscript. In this incendiary documentary, director Raoul Peck completes the book Baldwin didn't finish. The narration (voiced by Samuel Jackson) is all from Baldwin's own words, taken from letters, essays and public statements as well as the incomplete manuscript, while the visuals are an impressive melange of archive, interviews and scattered images.  The result is a radical, up-to-the-minute examination of race in America, one of the best movies about the civil rights era ever made.  And, tragically, it's a reminder of how little race relations have changed since Baldwin's prophetic writings.


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93 mins

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