Human Flow

Ai Wei Wei bears witness to the tragedies of human migration. A fundraiser screening for Salusbury World, on Refugee Day.

Showing Times

Wed 20 Jun 18:30

Over a 3 year period artist Ai Wei Wei filmed the 'human flow', the movement of masses of people who are displaced from their own homelands.  He documented migration caused by war, famine, extremism and economic hardship. He brought along friends, his young children, but most of all, he brought his compassionate heart and unflinching artist's eye. The end result is a panoramic document of individual stories, data and places which then add up - like Ai's favoured drone shots - to a comprehensive overview of this characteristic of our times. The film's power is that it never preaches; just by showing it proves to be a powerful call to action.

"This documentary by the Chinese conceptual artist offers no easy answers, revealing instead a deeply affecting empathy for those caught up in a global crisis."  ★★★★ Guardian 

After the screening there will be a Q&A with representatives from Salusbury World.

Thanks to distributor Altitude who has kindly allowed us to screen the film for free.


Film Information

137 mins

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