The Holy Girl + Girl Power

Two films + an introduction in honour of the work of B Ruby Rich

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Mon 26 Jun 18:30

This programme of two films reflects the seminal influence of film critic/activist/feminist B. Ruby Rich, and Sophie Mayer and Maria Cabrera will introduce the event.  "Desire lives in such memories, alongside truths and pleasures and yearning," wrote Rich on the work of Sadie Benning, and Lucrecia Martel’s second feature shares the evocative terrain of queer girlhood, sounding out the revolutionary power of girls.  

The Holy Girl (La niña santa), directed by Lucrecia Martel  106 mins

Argentinean schoolgirls Amalia (the ‘holy girl’ of the title) and Josefina share rumours, prayers and kisses against a backdrop of grown-up secrets and seductions that evoke the oppression of the dictatorship.  A chance encounter between Amalia and Dr Jano, an old friend of her mother's, allows her to at last find her vocation -- to save a man from sin.

Girl Power, directed by Sadie Benning   15 mins

A teenage Benning invented Girl Power long before the Spice Girls. Wielding her Fisher-Price Pixelvision camera, she confesses, poses and roars, queering Hollywood icons to give voice to her politics and desires.

Sophie Mayer is the author of Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema, and is a regular contributor to Sight & Sound, The F-Word and Literal. She works with Club des Femmes and Raising Films.  Maria Cabrera is a co-founder of Reel Good Film Club, which celebrates the work of people of colour in film through affordable screenings and events. She is also an independent curator for Deptford Cinema. 

This programme is supported by Film Hub London and Club des Femmes



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