The Hippopotamus

With a satellite Q&A with author Stephen Fry

Showing Times

Sun 28 May 19:30

When disgraced theatre critic and poet Ted Wallace (Roger Allam) is fired from his job, he's summoned to his friends Lord and Lady Loganʼs (Matthew Modine & Fiona Shaw) country manor to investigate a series of extraordinary miracle healings. His natural cynicism makes him the ideal candidate to get to the bottom of what’s going on, even as he is also getting to the bottom of numerous bottles of his hosts' fine whisky. Before too long, Ted's profanity-laced investigations turn towards his teenaged godson David, himself an aspiring poet...  

"Ted’s crackling observations — the fuel that drives the movie — have the fluency and rapier wit of a diligent, erudite mind" (Hollywood Reporter) in this hilarious tale based on Stephen Fry’s cracking novel. Coming from the Hey Literary Festival, there will be a live satelite Q&A with Fry, members of the cast and the film makers.



Film Information

120 mins

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