High Life

"Orgasmic brilliance in deepest space with Robert Pattinson" ★★★★★ Guardian

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Fri 17 May 18:20
Fri 17 May 20:50
Sat 18 May 20:30
Sun 19 May 19:30
Mon 20 May 11:00

Fearless French filmmaker Claire Denis pitches her first feature in English, a space odyssey of sorts, somewhere between Tarkovsky's pensive Solaris, and cult shocker Soylent Green.  At the start a father and daughter are adrift in deep space, falling towards a black hole. Fragmented flashbacks provide a broken story of how they got there, starting with a volatile group of young criminals who grab at the chance to crew a very speculative space mission in lieu of serving out their time on Earth.  Eternity proves to be a longer sentence than 'life', though, and relations and social structures quickly break down on the voyage. Living without hope or prospect of a future, the crew find the only impetus that survives is carnality, which suits ship's doctor Dibs (Juliet Binoche), a medic with her own dark secrets, very well.  Her attention is drawn to reluctant crew member Monte, played by an ascetic-looking Robert Pattinson, when he displays a reslience the others lack.

"'Taboo' sings a shorn Robert Pattinson to a gurgling infant in High Life. Leave it to the gutsy French director Claire Denis (making her English-language debut) to dissect her latest movie with a single word. Taboos abound in the elusive, elliptical sci-fi film, at once a continuation of the carnal concerns of her films Trouble Every Day and Let the Sunshine In—and the colonial ones of Beau Travail and Chocolat—as well as a hyperspace voyage of remarkable alienation and grief." - Courtney Duckworth, Time Out


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110 mins

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