Happy As Lazzaro

"This movie feels bracingly new and also like something that has been here forever. It has the urgency of a news bulletin and the authority of a classic.” A O Scott, NY Times

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Wed 01 May 20:50
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In a sun-dappled Umbrian valley a clan of sharecroppers live a timeless peasent life.  No matter how hard they work, they are always in debt to the aristocratic landowner.  Birthdays, holy days, engagements - even visits from the itinerant priest - are all cause to down tools and celebrate, and at the centre of the community is an angel-faced, blank eyed 'holy fool', young Lazarro.  A visit by the arrogant landowner and her resentful son triggers a chain of extraordinary events which lead to the exile of the community from their idyllic valley, catapaulting them into gritty modern day Italy with a deft turn of story telling.

Filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher (award-winning The Wonders) took the idea from a real story of a rural community tricked by an aristocrat into working on her land in quasi-feudal conditions.  After the the community is expelled from the valley there is a completely unexpected tonal shift.  As political film making goes, this is blindingly original and deeply satisfying.  When asked if her film might be classed as magical realism, Rohrwacher said:  "I can’t really define it. If you want to be free with your imagination, you need to be very realistic, but you have also to shift things a little bit.”  We found the film magical, mystical and mesmerising, and figure you'll leave with a smile on your face.


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127 mins

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