Green Days by the River

This atmospheric Trinidadian feature offers an understanding of colonial Caribbean life.

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In a remote fishing village in '50s Trinidad, teenager Shell is charmed by attractive Indian girl, Rosalie, and flattered by the friendship of her prosperous father, Gidharee. Against his own father's advice, Shell joins Gidharee to work on his plantation and be nearer Rosalie.  He is young still and easily smitten, though, and when he meets a sweet city girl he looses his heart to her.  He dallies with both girls, little knowing that Gidharee plans retribution for his betrayed daughter.   

This lovely film lands on the back of the focus on Windrush immigration, and sheds insight into the lives of those who arrived in the early days.  Director Michael Mooleedhar says it is the story of everyday life in the pre-independent 1950’s Trinidad, and of what it means to be from a small fishing village in the Caribbean.  It is taken from a popular Trinidadian book of the same name.

The film's Exec Producer, Timothy Mooleedhar, will give a live introduction before the screening.


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102 mins

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