Green Book

"Call this actors' duet sentimental and simplistic at your own peril. Green Book may well move you, possibly to tears, at the thought of real social change and kindness (at a time when we need it badly)." ScreenRant

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Oscar Winner:  Best Picture; Best Supporting Actor, Mahershala Ali; Best Original Screenplay

It's 1962 and African American pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his sophisticated jazz trio are booked on a concert tour of the racist South.  Armed with The Green Book - a travel guide of black-friendly places to stay - Shirley hires club bouncer Tony Lip (Viggo Mortenson) as his driver, in spite of Lip's problematic racial views.  Shirely is as cultivated and intelligent as muscle man Lip is visceral but each has a strong sense of integrity, and it's an 8 week journey with the potential to change both of their lives.

Based on the true story of an unlikely friendship, Green Book has been winning over audiences (and awards) since it first hit the festival circuit.  Director Peter Farrelly conjures up a performance-led two hander that, rather like hit Hidden Figures, provides both pleasing comedy and meaningful dramatic beats.  Although there may be no surprises that the relationship proves transformative, this is a very pleasing road 'n buddy movie that delivers big in an understated way thanks to a smart script, great story and two knockout performances.  And the bonus feature is the lustrous soundtrack...

Our screening on Wed 27 Feb at 13:30 is our Screen Gems HoH show.  This is good film, in good company, for only £5.  We will be showing the film with Hard of Hearing subtitles which means everything on the soundtrack is described, like *plane passes overhead* or *dog barks*.  This is a boon for some but may be too much information for others.


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130 mins

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