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"The Chilean writer-director Sebastián Lelio teams up with a transcendently perfect Julianne Moore for a redo of his also wonderful movie 'Gloria'." NY Times

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"Are you always this happy?" - prospective swain Arnold's (John Turturro) first words on meeting Gloria (Julianne Moore). Middle-aged and long divorced, Gloria is accepting of her lot in life, taking pleasure in her kids and friends and the occasional chance to let loose on the dance floor.  Arnold, on the other hand, is quick to answer the phone when his newly-ex calls, in spite of a genuine desire to remake his life.  When Arnold and Gloria begin a faltering romance you can see the 'Stop' signs a mile off but, like Gloria, you are willing them to work it out. Such is the quiet depth and resilience of Moore's character, though, that you bet she'll come out if it with her head held high even if the relationship fails.

If you remember Sebastian Lelio's (A Fantastic Woman, Disobedience) original 2014 version of this story, you'll know you're in for a huge treat here. Lelio is a director who is carving out a distinguished career by telling unusual stories of three dimensional women, and rumour has it that Moore approached him about remaking his Chilean-set original in English.  It's a fascinating exercise, one that was always going to reward, with Moore in the part. With huge understatement, she tells this story of a remarkable unremarkable woman who, in spite of the challenges in life, faces every day with hope and wonder. 

(The trailer is worth watching for the waxing scene alone!) 


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