A Ghost Story

"You can't chase it from your mind. You can't exorcise it. The film stands there white-sheeted and eyeholed, staring into your soul and depths" ★★★★★ FT

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The story is simple enough:  couple Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara agree to move, even though Affleck feels ineffably attached to their modest home.  All bets are off, though, when Affleck is tragically killed in a car accident, and in a truly memorable cinematic moment we see his corpse rise from the morgue table - sheet and all - and trudge its way back to the house to keep watch over his shattered partner.  Thereafter his mute, inchoate angst is read against what he witnesses as he remains anchored to that place:  initially, the grief of his partner, and then her finally moving on; the lives of others as they imprint on the house; and, intriguingly, the lives of others past and future who inhabit that same space.  

It's an ambitious, audacious exposition from writer/director David Lowery (Ain't Them Bodies Saints), at the same time so simple and yet equally inscrutable.  It asks for patience and an open mind, but amply rewards as it elliptically explores love, loss, grief, after-life and non-linear time. (Got all that?!)  Here at the Lexi we always welcome the orginal filmic voice, as this is, and we urge you to, too.


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92 mins

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