Gauguin's Portraits, exhibition

"Exquisite art by the Harvey Weinstein of the 19th Century" ★★★★★ Telegraph

Showing Times

Sat 19 Oct 14:00

This exclusive experience of the landmark National Gallery exhibition of Paul Gauguin's portraits opens with a specially commissioned documentary about the life and work of Gauguin, narrated by actor Dominic West.  After that there will be an 'up close and personal' 30-minute private view filmed exclusively for cinemas.  It's the first-ever exhibition devoted to Gauguin's wonderful portraits.  Spanning his early years as an artist through to his later years spent in French Polynesia, the exhibition shows how the French artist revolutionised the art of the portrait. 

The doc visits Tahiti, France, the Marquesas Islands and the UK to explore Gauguin’s extraordinary – and often problematic – artistic achievement, with commentary from his descendants, contemporary artists and world experts. It examines Gauguin’s legacy not only through the lens of art history, but also those of gender and post-colonial politics, reassessing the artist’s treatment of young indigenous women and his role in 19th century French colonialism.


Film Information

90 mins

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