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Those of us who thrilled to the magic director Sean Baker achieved with a micro-budget and an IPhone in Tangerine know to expect something extraordinary from this, his follow-on.  Again he has chosen to focus on people living at the margins - particularly, in this case, a trio of exuberant kids - finding grace, joy and humour where others wouldn't stop to look.

LWL says:  "Even though the world of this film consists of outstretched carparks, giant dumpsters, novelty fast food concessions and scads of overgrown scrubland, Baker constantly assures that there is always a dash of fairy dust in the air if you know where to look for it. He carries over the raucous spirit of his pervious iPhone opus, Tangerine, and then boldly notches things up a level for this new one. It feels like his most epic and profoundly affecting film to date. And it’s not that it looks expensive or that the story is broader in scope than usual. More that it offers a trenchant and compassionate political statement about the condition of working class America without once resorting to bald point making or cliche."

And then there's a career-best performance from wonderful Willem Dafoe...  We can't wait!


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115 mins

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