Far From The Tree

"This is a powerful movie about human nature and how no matter where we end up - and who we end up with - we wake up each day and adjust." LA Times

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Sun 24 Feb 14:00

This life-affirming documentary follows families learning to meet extraordinary challenges with love, empathy, and understanding. It encourages us to cherish our loved ones for all they are, not who they might have been. It is based on the critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling non-fiction book "Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity" by Andrew Solomon.

"There is much to think about in "Far From the Tree," a worthy and at times tender film."  San Francisco Chronicle

"At its most radical and empathetic, "Far From the Tree" urges us to start thinking of disability in terms of identity, not as a locus of struggle but a place of being."  Boston Globe

"Fair warning: by the end of "Far From the Tree," tears will be shed, and for all the best reasons."  Washington Post


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93 mins
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