A Fantastic Woman

"Daniela Vega is wonderful as a young trans woman whose life is turned upside down when her older cis lover dies in ambiguous circumstances." ★★★★★ Guardian

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Marina (real life trans actor Daniela Vega giving the performance of a lifetime) is happily in a relationship with Orlando, a cis older man.  One night Orlando has a heart attack and falls down the stairs while Marina is trying to get him to the car.  The bruising this causes raises doubts about the manner of death, and before long Marina is not only grieving for her dead partner but is having to fight to defend her identity.  Investigating police insist on calling her 'Daniel'; the hostile family of her lover throw her out of their flat and don't allow her to attend the funeral;and one of Orlando's sons turns thug in his effort to rewrite the story of his father's life with her.  Throughout, the passionate, restrained and dignified performance of Vega makes this a sublime study of grief.

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