A Fantastic Woman

"At once a straightforward story of self-assertion and defiance and a complex study of the nuances of identity. " NY Times

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"The title of Sebastián Lelio’s new film might seem a bit on the nose. It’s a fantastic movie. Daniela Vega, the star, is fantastic in it. Quote me in the ads, with exclamation points if you must."  NY Times

This arrives fresh from its success at Best Foreign Film winner at the Oscars.  Like director Lelio's previous, Gloria, this is also about a woman who pushes back at a patriarchal society that seeks to marginalise her.  Gloria was middle-aged and divorced, which rendered her invisible, whereas the 'fantastic woman' here is Marina (Daniela Vega) a transgender woman, which makes her far too visible when her older lover, Orlando, dies suddenly. The bureaucracy around his death - the hospital and police - regards her with suspicion, and to Orlando's surviving family she is a great threat.  Daniela Vega invests Marina with a strength and dignity that can be both intimidating and also heart-breaking, and is always deeply engaging.  She is indeed, with all the challenges and contradictions, a fantastic woman!

Also from the NY Times:  "Psychologically astute and socially aware as the film is, it is also infused with mystery and melodrama, with bright colors and emotional shadows. Almodóvarian and Buñuelian grace notes adorn its matter-of-fact melody, and its surface modesty camouflages an unruly, extravagant spirit. You may not realize until the very end that you have been gazing at the portrait of an artist in the throes of self-creation."  


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104 mins

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